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Come on!! :iconchicana21:chicana21 25 3
WHAT !!! by chicana21 WHAT !!! :iconchicana21:chicana21 83 23 Do I love you ? by chicana21 Do I love you ? :iconchicana21:chicana21 144 11 Not your property by chicana21 Not your property :iconchicana21:chicana21 257 28
Marceline and ? 3
Where was the moment I needed you most!  You kick up to leave now the magic is gone! Tell me the blue sky turned to gray tell me the ashes faded away and I dont need nobody else !! You fake on a smile then you turn go tell me you lifes been way outta line but i dont need nobody else cuz you had a bad day you make em go out and you sing a sad song just to turn it around cuz you had a bad day !
still Marshall lee POV*
Next day I woke up but I was just napping because it was still day and there was a note on the table and it was burned. The note said "well Vampire me and Marceline decided to go to the candy kingdom hope you dont miss us love the guy thats with your girl". Then I went into the bathroom and fixed myself. After that I went to the candy kingdom with my umberella. Then I saw Marceline with Ignitus and he was giving her roses and right in front of my face he kissed her and not on the lips. Man I was pissed! So I pulled him into the shade and I started fighting wi
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Marceline and ? 2
Marshall lee POV*   Next night
I woke up from my couch. Then I went into my bathroom to change when I saw Marceline woken up. "Come on Marshall I want you to meet Ignitus" said Marceline. "Im coming"! I said groaning.
At the nightospere
There was the flame dude again. "Marceline I thought you wouldnt come"he said. Then he kissed Marceline on the cheek. Which made me hiss at him and he gave me a devilish smile. "Well I forgot to bring strawberries so let me pick them off I'll be right back" Marceline said. She was leaving and right when she couldnt us he spoke. "All right I dont like you and you dont like me but we both like Marceline" he said. "How do you know I like her"? I said. "Please it doesn't take a genius to figure that out" he said. "Whatever man she is still hooked on me and you know she likes me"! I said. "Not for long I like her and soon she'll change her mind"! "Why dont you shut the fuck up flame head"! I said. "Oh I struck a nerve right"! He said. "Im more
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Black Bunny
    Marceline POV*
Easter today Marshall looks at Fionna and I'm jelous she has the bunny hat with white shirt and white shorts. "Whats wrong Marce"? Asked Marshall. "Its just I like this guy from the nightoshpere but he doesn't like me". "He doesnt like you I mean who wouldn't"? "Apparently him I mean who would like my I'm just a monster"! I said. "No dont say that I-". Then he was interupted. "Hi marshy larshy how do I look today"? Fionna asked. "Oh umm you look nice" he said. "What do you think Marceline"? She asked. "I think you look like a skank you son of a - "I muttered. "Umm what was that "I she asked. "Nothing" i said. "Come on Marshy over here"? She said and she pulled him away. Then I looked up and saw Finn there. "Hi Finn" i sighed. "Dont hi me are you going to let her take him away from you"!? He asked. "I have nothing else" I said. "You are the vampire queen you never take orders you never lose you never give up you are the crazy girl I know and will g
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Hanging out
Marceline- Marshall I'm bored
Marshall- yea I know me too
Marceline- Its been a slow day
Marshall- You got any text messages?
Marceline- Naaa you
Marshall- Nope
Marceline- What do you wanna do
Marshall- Before we say that back and forth lets just talk
Marceline- What do you wanna talk about?
Marshall- Did we play our bass?
Marceline- Yea we even made a song
Marshall- Did we watch a movie?
Marceline- Yup all the heat signiture movies
Marshall- Did we prank Gumwad and Bonnebutt?
Marceline- Even Finn and Fionna
Marshall- Did we go hunting?
Marceline- Yea their are the animal left overs in the fridge
Marshall- Did we ki-
Marceline- Yes we did I mean a lot
Marshall- Yea I like doing that
Marceline- How bout a snack
Marshall- Well heres your bass so let me suck the color
Marceline- Noooo!!
Marshall- Im just kidding "wink"
Marceline- (muttering) asshole
Marshall- What was that?
Marceline- I said I love you
Marshall- I thought so
Then Marceline threw an apple at him
Marshall- Hey! What that fo
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The slumber party
Marceline POV*
It was night and Finn wanted me to come to Bubble gums slumber party and of course I'm stupid enough to say yes!
Candy kingdom
"Well umm their will be some guests coming" said Princes Bubblegum. "Yea cuz who doesn't wanna party with complete strangers" I said. Well I was wearing a red tank top and black short shorts like 2 inches below my waist and finn was wearing red full body pajama and Bubblegum was wearing a pink dress. "Why do you have to be soo negitive Marceline "? Asked Bubblegum. "Why do you have to be soo positive" i replied. "Come on everybody lets all get along" said Finn. I rolled my eyes. Then their was a knock. "Oh I'll get it" said Bubblegum. Then this peolpe come in. One was made outta bubblegum like Bonnebelle. Then their was a human like Finn. What caught my attention was a hot vampire guy with a red tanktop and black shorts up to his knees Im pretty sure I caught his attention. I came ip to him and he mimicked everything I did. Then we both made a sm
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Marceline and ?
Marceline POV*
So it was midnight and everybody was a sleep but me and Marshall but he told me he'd meet up with me tomorrow. So the wind was blowing through my hair. Then this fire dude came furious. I got up and said "dude calm down"! He refused to calm dowm down so since I can bring up fire and bring down fire as one of my powers I cooled him down and he sat down. "How'd you do that" he asked me. "I'm not a fire type but I can control fire sometimes" i said. "So what's on your mind dude" I asked him. "My name is not dude its Fire Prince but people call me Ignitus for short"! "But since you ask this girl told me she's a Princess and said she loved me then she said she wasn't a Princess and she doesn't want anything to do with me"! "Wow dude I mean Ignitus I can really understand that"! I said. "Im a monster everything I touch turns to fire"! He said. "Well not me"Marshall I said. So he grabed my hand. I blushed and so did he. "How old are you"? I asked. "I'm 18" he said. "That's cool
:iconchicana21:chicana21 8 3
Questions with Marceline and Marshall 2
After Marshall said that he was gonna kill Gumball if anything happenens Marceline was in the room with Prince Gumball. "So what do wanna know Bubba pfft… Bubba thats a funny name when are you gonna change it isn't that name embarasing"!? "Well please no comments on my name anyway what do you like about Marshall lee your present boyfriend"? Asked Bubba. "Well I love how he plays bass and his red fire eyes man his hair is gorges hes probably the best kisser ever im not gonna lie he sometimes uses tonge"! Bubba made a face. "Oh and he really has a big-". Then Marceline was interupted when Gumball said "exuse me"! "What I was just gonna say big book shelf for me to put all my books what did you think I was gonna say"!? Asked Marceline. Gumball blushed. "Well so many girls fall for marshall surprisingly what made you like him"? Asked Bubba."Well first he kept flirtining with me and I couldn't resist his smirk plus he didn't look ugly i mean look at him he's smokin hot, he also
:iconchicana21:chicana21 4 0
Questions with Marceline and Marshall lee
"Ugh do we have to go to the candy kingdom "?! Asked Marceline and Marshall. "Please for us "?! Asked Finn and Fionna "they just want to ask you about your realationship"! "Fine we'll go but you guys have to give us a gigantic bowl of strawberries"! Said marceline and Marshall. "Fine" said Fionna.
At the Candy kingdom
Alright Marshall come over here in this room with me and I'll ask you some questions said Princes Bubblegum. Marceline refused to let go of Marshall's arm. "No I don't want you alone with her" said Marceline. "Dont you trust me" Marshall asked giving Marceline a flirtatious smirk. "Yea I do but I don't trust her"! Marceline said pointing at Princess Bubble gum. Marshall lightly kissed Marceline and said "dont worry babe I still love you"! "Ah ha " said Marceline with stubborness and a pout. Then Marshall entered but he saw Marceline get in a room with Prince gumball. Then Marshall called out "IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO HER GUMWAD I WILL RIP YOUR GUTS OUTTA YOUR BODY!!
:iconchicana21:chicana21 7 6
Meant to be
Marshall lee POV*
I was wondering to my self whats happening to me. Every since I met Marceline a while ago I felt something in my gut. I think im sick so i have to go to Gumwad's yes its gone to that. So now I'm off with my umberella and my bass.
At The Candy Kingdom
So I was going in them Gumball stoped me and said "what are you doing here". "Can i please talk to you"! I asked. He made a face and said "yes". So he asked "what do yo want to talk about". "Well when I see Marceline its like i like her smile her red sparkling eyes her lusious hair and her personality oh my glob shes one of a kind and when i met her the Justin Bieber song started playing in my head man i hate that song "! Then Gumball said Marshall its called LOVE!! I freaked out "NO I CANT FALL IN LOVE WHO WOULD LOVE A MONSTER LIKE ME" ! Then i threw Gumballs stuff and i wreaked his place so i threw my bass at Gumball but he doged it and if he didnt it would of sliced his head off. Lucky nerd. Then ii told him L-O-V-Eand
:iconchicana21:chicana21 8 4
Marceline and Marshall lee
I do not own charecters OK
Marshall lee POV*
So i was in the woods then i hear someone humming. I thought i could scare the glob outta them. So i spotted a human but she was pale maybe too pale. So i got a closer look but i tripped and it pretty much made a lot of noise. So she came up to me she was smookin hot she had on a blue dress with tight short shorts. Then she asked "who are you"! I say "im Marshall lee the vampire king ". Then she put on a confused face. "Impossible your lying" Im Marceline the vampire queen"! So got up and said "so whats for dinner wife"?! Then she said " since your the vampire king maybe we can be friends". So i nodded and said you can tell me more about your self and then you can tell me if you wanna hook up with me.
Marceline POV*
I smiled at his last comment. He said "why dont you tell me about your childhood". I said "Marshall can i trust you"?! He looked at me in a conforting look and said "Marceline you can trust me think of me as your self and if you
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